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The 1993 Case: The Chandler Family

It was a spring day in May 1992, when Michael Jackson was driving his car on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. His car suddenly broke down and he rushed to a car rental agency, where me first meets the people who would become his first accusers: the Chandler family. The owner of the agency, David Schwartz, offers him a deal: Schwartz would rent him a car for free if Jackson calls his step-son. Schwartz's step-son is no other than Jordan Chandler, a 13-year-old boy who was a huge fan of Jackson. Jackson accepts the offer and calls the Chandlers family a few days later, and they become friends. 


May 1993: Michael Jackson, June, Jordan, and Lily Children.

Eighteen months later, in August 1993, the police starts a criminal investigation against Jackson. ​A few weeks later, Jordan's biological father, files a civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson and alleges his son has been molested by him. 

In January 1994, Jackson signed the settlement that ended the civil lawsuit. The media then claimed that Jackson bought his freedom in millions of dollars. 

But contrary to the tabloid reporting, the criminal investigation continued for months after the settlement. Two grand juries were convened in Los Angeles and in Santa Barbara. Both Grand Juries disband without indicting Jackson. Ten years later Jackson returned to prove his innocence in court, where he was found not guilty. 


Media Frenzy: A tabloid cover in 1993

It was one of the biggest cases in Hollywood and yet, many facts behind it weren't made public. This section presents an investigation of the case, from May 1992 to the present, as Jordan Chandler still refuses to give his own account to the events. 

In the past few years, new details and sources have surfaced, revealing more information about this episode in Michael Jackson's life.

◆ What Happened Between May 1992 and August 1993? What were the Chandlers' demands weeks before their allegations? ◆ Which side opposed to the criminal investigations?Who brought up the payment issue? ◆ Why would Jackson settle the case if he was innocent? ◆

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