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The Neverland Children

Okay, when you say 'boys', it's not just 'boys', and I've never invited just 'boys' to come in my room. That's just ridiculous. And that's a ridiculous question. But since people want to hear the answer, I'll be happy to answer it: I have never invited anyone into my bed, ever. Children love me, I love them. They follow me, they want to be with me. But - anybody can come in my bed, a child can come in my bed if they want.

                                                                     - Michael Jackson on Prime Time Live 1995

Michael Jackson always expressed his love and shared his vision of healing the world by helping children all over the world. This section includes interviews, stories, and testimonies by people who befriended the star through the years. Their stories offer a unique perspective on Michael Jackson's life and his friendship with children.

 Corey Feldman 
ניקול ריצ'י ומייקל ג'קסון Nicole Richie.
 Nicole Richie 
 Macaulay Culkin 
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